Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day #1 in Ethiopia

The flight to Ethiopia went very smoothly. Although 12 hours is a long time to sit in a plane we were very thankful that it wasn't the usual 17 hours that it previously took to get here. We spent our first day getting unpacked and connecting with our in country support staff. Our driver Alizar was right on time to pick us up from the airport and it took us about 15 minutes to get to the Ethiopian Guest House where we will be staying. Our friend and Children's Hopechest coordinator, Fikre, met us at the guest house and after lunch and a coffee ceremony we headed over to Greenlight Ministry to scope out our first project. In the morning we will go back to Greenlight and work on building a concrete floor for the new kitchen that is being built at Greenlight. We will attend Church there at 10 AM first and then we will get to work. After we are finished with the concrete floor we will start painting all of the metal structures that are being used to construct the kitchen. Everyone is doing great! Thank you for all for the prayers and support.


  1. Hey guys, we are so thankful to our Father that you had safe travels and that you all are ok! We will purposely keep you all in our prayers daily. Keep you hearts and minds focused on Him and the Spirit will guide you on this mission. One of the great things about being on this mission is it should be easy to stay close to Him with out all our worldly distractions like vtech football (which we won).
    Your brother in Christ

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  3. Yeah!!! So happy to see this up and read about your first 2 days and the amazing things already being done. So proud of you guys and the work God is leading you excited to see and hear what He has planned for the rest of your journey. "Anything is possible in Ethiopia", as they say, and as we all know. :) The Holy Spirit is alive and in each of you as you do the work of Jesus and touch those around you with hope and the love of our Heavenly Father.

    Thanks Bryan for posting MIMI pics!!!! My heart is overflowing.


  4. Hey Gents - hope all is going well and back here we all miss you and are praying for you. Need more pictures of the great work you are doing!